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Hi, I’m Francesca Simonella, your Nutritionist Biologist specialized in Udine, with many years of international experience and in the USA.

Francesca Simonella Biologa Nutrizionista a Udine

About Francesca

As Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I own skills in varied areas: clinical setting, medical research, teaching and food science. I am so lucky to have gained professional experience both in Italy and the United States.

I was born and raised in Italy, where I completed my graduate and post-graduate studies, worked in medical research and passed a national board to practice as nutrition biologist. After working in the field of nutrition education, I got admitted into the competitive Nutritional Sciences Program of the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. What a honor to be the first European admitted to the program!

I currently work in Italy as both nutrition professional in private practice and nutrition expert in academic and non-academic settings (which require English language skills). My approach is centered around Mindful Eating, Medical Nutrition Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. I am an active member of the Italian academy of Biologists and the American Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, of which I am currently International Affiliate.

My approach is different:

Mindful Eating

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Motivational Interviewing

.."I am so lucky to practice my dream profession in Italy while keeping professional connections in the United States. I'd love to use this website as an additional channel to connect with English speaking colleagues" ...Scroll down to check my experience and education!

My experience and education (short summary)

Experience in hospitals and health clinics

– Harborview Medical Center (Seattle, WA), Madison Clinic (HIV infection) and International Medicine Clinic (2017)
– UW Medical Center (Seattle, WA), Medicine/Surgery (2016)
– UW Medical Center (Seattle, WA), Oncology (2016)
– UW Medical Center (Seattle, WA), Intensive Care Unit (2016)
– UW Medical Center (Seattle, WA), Women’s health clinic (2016)
– UW Medical Center (Seattle, WA), Diabetes Care Center (2016)
– NW Kidney Center (Seattle, WA), Dialysis unit (2016)
– Women Infant Children Clinic (Bellevue, WA), Care for pregnant or lactating women and their children (2016)
– Lifelong Agency (Seattle), Practical Skill Building encounters for ChickenSoupBrigade patients with complex sexual identity + chronic disease (2015)

Nutrition Teaching experience

Harborview Medical Center (Seattle, WA), Instructor for “Walk & Wok”, a cooking and fitness class for outpatients (2017)
– Seattle Reproductive Medicine, grad TA for “Food for fertility”: nutrition ed,cooking, fitness for women with weight issues + infertility (2016-2017)
– UW, graduate TA for “Nutrition for today” (undergrad class, 3 credits): 50 minutes discussion sections per week for a total of 300 students (2015-2016)
– UW Diabetes Care Center: weekly classes on nutrition and diabetes for groups of patients affected by type 1 or type 2 diabetes

Nutrition education projects

– “Grocery Store Tours”: nutrition education activities at the grocery store for diabetes patients of Harborview Medical Center in Seattle (2017)
– “Lunch time at school: how much is enough?”: an assessment of school lunch seat time in Seattle Public School (2016)
– “Eat the rainbow”: a bilingual (Italian/English) wellness talk at the bilingual Cinquegranelli Montessori School in Seattle (2016)
– “Nobody is perfect”: a pilot project to prevent eating disorders in Seattle high school students (2016)
– “Science under 18”: a nutrition education project in Monfalcone, Italy (2014)

Interviews in the media

– Interview at Harborview Medical Center, Seattle (2017), Read now 
– Local tv interview: My international experience, live on June 7th, 2018:

Alumni profile on the UW Nutritional Sciences Program, Seattle, WA (2018)
Article on local Newspaper “Udine Today” (“Udine Today”) regarding “Percorso START”: a community project organized by local health professionals to promote physical and mental wellbeing through mindfulness: (2018)

Developed seminars and publications

– Poster and handout for UW Medicine: “How to lower sodium in your diet – for people with diabetes” (UW Medicine, Seattle, 2016)
– Case Study: “Motivational Interviewing to optimize hypoglycemia management in type 2 diabetes” (UW Medicine, Seattle, 2016)
– Bilingual poster: “Let’s celebrate the world breastfeeding week – Celebramos la semana de la lactancia materna en todos los paises” (WIC, 2016)
– Patient handout “Peanut butter and jelly: fun tips to take your binders with food” (NW Kidney Center, Seattle, 2016)
– Bilingual wellness talk (English/Italian): “Pizza in the U.S., instructions for use” (Il Punto cultural center, Seattle, 2016)
– Wellness talk and handout: “Savvy about sodium” (Ida Culvar Broadview, Seattle, 2015)
– Nutrition and Metabolism paper&presentation: “Advantages & limitations of studies conducted olive oil intake and breast cancer” (UW, 2015)
– Childhood Nutrition paper and presentation: “D-bate: are the current recommendations for vitamin D for children adequate? (UW, 2015)
– Case Study: “Nutrition Care in Gunshot Wound Associated Whipple Procedure” (Harborview Medical Center, 2015)
– Paper co-author: Della Pietra E, Simonella F, Bonavida B, Xodo LE, Rapozzi V, Repeated suboptimal photodynamic treatments with pheophorbide a
   induce an epithelial mesenchymal transition in prostate cancer cells via nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide. 2015 Feb 15; 45: 43-53.
– Abstract co-author: Annual meeting of the Italian Society of Photobiology, (Padua, 2012)

Coordination and management activities in the hospital setting

– Dietary unit clerk (UW Medical Center, Seattle, 2017)
– Internship at the Food and Nutrition Services Department (UW Medical Center, Seattle, 2016)
– Internship at the UW Medical Center Plaza Cafe: menu planning and improvement of food offer, costs, waste (UW Medical Center, Seattle, 2016)

Medical and clinical research

– Institute of Research,Consortium of San Daniele ham (San Daniele, UD, Italy): developing a lit review on the quality of San Daniele ham (2018-2020)
– Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center: primary research on subjects who follow a restrictive diet and their eating perceptions (2015-2016)
– University of Udine, Pathology and Biological Science labs: conducted proteomics experiments in oncology (2009-2011)


– University of Washington, Graduate Coordinated Program in Dietetics (2014-2016
– University of Washington,MS in Nutritional Sciences + 2 scholarships for academic merits (2014-2015)
– Nutrimedifor srl, Postgraduate course in Human Nutrition & Diet Therapy (2012-2013)
– University of Trieste, Biologist certification (2012)
– University of Udine, MS in Medical Biotechnology (110/110cum laude + scholarships) (2009-2011)
– University of Udine, BS in Medical Biotechnology (110/110cum laude + scholarships) (2006-2009)

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